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Problem printing from the online service center or QuickBooks


Printing from the online service center or QuickBooks is only available in a supported version of Internet Explorer (other browsers may work but due to their varying methods in emulation, troubleshot ting must be done in Internet Explorer).

Additionally the printer used must be directly connected to the computer where the information is to be printed. Network or virtual printers may not properly connect in a manner that allows the printing of secure information from the online service center. Also PDF converter printers are not supported for printing documents from the online service center. 

Only standard, dedicated printers using 8 1/2" x 11" paper are supported for printing. Customized printers (receipt printers, graphic devices, plotters, special papers, etc..) are not supported.

Due to problems with Internet Explorer 9/10 we cannot guarantee consistent performance in that browser.

Due to the multitude of configurations available, we cannot ensure proper functionality in other browsers. (However if the problem only occurs in Internet Explorer and not in other browsers, this may indicate that Internet Explorer needs to be reset or repaired)

IMPORTANT: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Java must be at the most recent version to ensure proper QuickBooks payments functionality. If needed, visit the links included here. 

For problems when using a supported environment, follow the steps below.


1. Do other web pages print from this printer? If not, you will need to reinstall the printer so it can print out of any web page.

2. Turn on compatibility view if Internet Explorer 8 or 9 is being used by going to the top of Internet Explorer and selecting Tools>Compatibility View Settings. Check the box for Display all websites in compatibility view and press Close. Try to print again.

3. Open Internet Explorer and make sure it is configured properly for use with QuickBooks payments.

4. Try other methods for printing from the web page you are viewing:

  • From the top of the browser select File ► Print.
  • Press [Ctrl]  [P] at the same time to begin the print process.
  • From the online service center window click the Print button.

5. If you continue to have problems you can reset the browser to its default settings by going to Tools ► Internet Options ► Advanced tab ► Reset...

IMPORTANT: This will completely reset the browser. Therefore, any settings, favorites, customizations or other browser specific features will be lost!

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