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I'm having trouble with the mobile card reader


If you are getting an error when trying to connect the reader, or nothing happens after swiping a card, select your phone or tablet's OS below for tips to get the card reader working.

You can also click the play button below to view a video tutorial on using the mobile card reader.


Detailed instructions



Agent Notes

NOTE: The redesigned GoPayment app is only available for iOS5 and higher (which is only supported on 3GS and higher models). Do NOT uninstall the app for troubleshooting if they do not have iOS5 or higher.

Beats Audio™ and Boom Sound™ are mobile applications that manage music and the associated hardware on various mobile devices (including Bluetooth audio). It offers a higher quality and better control over the audio experience on a mobile device by providing more control over the connection to the audio hardware installed on the device. As a result these application's default settings directly impact the ability for GoPayment to operate correctly and will prevent connection to the card reader attached to the supported mobile device.

If the auto-configuration tool does not appear correctly, the GoPayment app will need to be removed, the device cleared and then GoPayment reinstalled. If the configuration tool still does not appear as expected and all other troubleshooting has been performed, contact Tier 2.




Agent Notes for Full Article

If the steps in this article do not resolve the issue, an order should be placed for a replacement card reader - see Order a Grey Card Reader in OASIS in the Agent Notes of article GEN81879.

If this is the 2nd card reader a customer has tried, please escalate to QBMAS Tier 2.

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