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Export the sales tax report to view mobile payments transaction information


Exporting the sales tax report out of the online service center will not only display the Sales Tax values for all transactions, there are many other fields that may be useful in reconciling payments received. 


When properly configured, the tax amount appears in the GoPayment app when a transaction is processed and on the sales receipt that is created.

To acquire the tax information after the transaction has been completed you will need to log in to the online service center then go to the Activity and Reports option and select Sales Tax reports.

(see Export information from the online service center)


You will also have an option to export this data to a .csv format file which can be opened with a compatible application (Lotus, Ability, Excel, Google Docs, etc...)

The following fields of benefit to mobile payments users are available when exporting the sales tax report:

  • Total Amount
  • Authorization ID
  • Sales Tax
  • Tip Amount
  • Currency
  • Customer Name
  • Date
  • Time
  • TimeZone
  • Transaction Type
  • Card Type
  • Credit Card Number
  • Memo
  • Items Sold (Optional Desc)
  • Signature Collected
  • Payee's First Name (merchant)
  • Payee's Last Name (merchant)
  • Payee's User ID (merchant)
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