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Change your bank account, business name, phone number, address or email in the GoPayment app


Change your bank account, business name, phone number, address or email in the GoPayment app for your mobile payments account


Change your bank account, business name, business phone number, fax number, customer service phone number, physical address, mailing address or contact email from within your GoPayment application.

IMPORTANT: The mobile payments account contact information that appears on the mobile device is the primary source for the mobile payments receipt information. Any change to the contact information made on the mobile payments mobile device will update in the online service center and with Intuit.
However this type of change is not reciprocal; contact information changes made in the merchant service center or with Intuit will not update on the mobile payments mobile device or the subsequent mobile payments receipt. If a change is required for the contact information on the mobile payments receipt, it will need to be made from the mobile device (see below). 

Detailed instructions

1. From the GoPayment app home page, tap Settings (or the Settings icon ).

2. Tap GoPayment Account.

3. Select the reason for this change.

4. Tap the field you want to change:

  • Bank Account - bank account where funds are deposited
  • Contact Information - physical/mailing address, phone/fax/customer service number and contact email
  • Business Information - your Doing Business As (DBA) name

4. Enter you password when prompted and tap Save to complete the changes.

NOTE: Some changes may take up to 48 hours to appear.

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