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Change business, bank account, or contact information for your payments account


It's fast and easy to change your information. Do it all in your online service center.

Note: To protect the security of your payments account, only users with Full Admin access can see and change information in your account profile.

The following information can be changed from within your online service center:

  • Business Information
    • Legal Business name
    • Doing Business As (this is the name your customer will see on their receipts)
    • Industry type
    • Ownership type
    • Tax ID -or- Social Security number (depending on ownership type)
    • Website address
  • Deposit Account Information
    • Account type: Checking -or- Savings
    • Routing number
    • Account number
    • Account nickname
  • Contact information
    • Physical and Mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Customer service number (for your customer to view)
    • Contact email 

 NOTE: Some changes may need to be reviewed by Intuit before they take effect. If a change does not immediately appear, please wait up to 48 hrs for it to take effect or call us at 800-558-9558 to confirm your change.

Editing your information

  1. Sign in to your online service center using your username and password for your payments account.
  2. From the menu on any page, choose Account > Account Profile.
  3. Find the section containing the details you want to change and click its Edit button. (Read on for details on each section.)

    NOTE: For your protection, you may be prompted to enter the last four digits of your business Tax ID number or SSN. 





Tip: GoPayment users can also make these edits within GoPayment on your mobile device. See Change your Bank Account, Business Name or Contact Information from within GoPayment.
For steps on changing other information in your GoPayment Receipt click here.

Agent Notes

Although we strive to have our merchant's change their information via the online service center, in some cases this is not possible and we may need to send change request forms to assist them. Below are steps for sending change request forms from the Agent Service Center (ASC).

IMPORTANT: Customers requesting changes on Gift Card accounts, must complete and submit the appropriate change request form sent from ASC using the steps below. For more information about gift card accounts, please see INF16640 for more information if needed.

When necessary, use the ASC to send change request forms for a merchant's payments account.

1. Click New Case.

2. Fill out the contact log:

3. Choose the following:

  • Request Driver: Account Information 
  • Request type:  Account Change Request 
  • Resolution Details: QuickBooks or Merchant Account (form options listed below will vary depending on the selection made).
    Selecting No Forms will not send any forms to the merchant. This option is used in conjunction with the Update link when the account changes are made during the case creation.


4. Select the box for the desired form:

  • Address/phone/fax/email change 
  • AMEX account update
  • AMEX One point account update
  • Apriva wireless
  • Business name change
  • Checking account change
  • CSR email address
  • Notification options-reversals/chargebacks
  • QBPOS Multi-location addendum
  • Seasonal merchant request


5.  Click the radio button to highlight the email address. This is a good opportunity to verify the delivery email with the merchant.
NOTE: If the email address is not selected, is greyed out or the field is blank, an email will not be sent.



6. Add final case notes for the account.

7. Click Save to submit and apply these changes.




  • For Bank Account Changes, if the online service center gives an error of "routing number invalid," the merchant will need to verify the routing number with bank. Agents may also use http://www.routingnumbers.org to verify the routing number.
  • For Gift Card accounts, the email in the ASC is used, if this email is correct but the merchant continues to receive their Gift Card account information at the wrong email address, contact ASM for assistance in updating that email address.

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