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Process, capture and cancel an authorization


Process, capture and cancel an authorization (voice or manual)


This article covers the following:

  • How to process an authorization-only by calling the appropriate Voice Authorization Center or from within the online service center.
  • How to capture a voice of authorization from the online service center (Intuit Online Terminal) or from within a supported version of QuickBooks desktop or Point-of-Sale software.
  • How to cancel an authorization.


Authorizations generate a pending transaction on the card holder's account. They generally expire within 1-10 business days but may appear on their account much longer, depending on the card issuing bank's specifications.

IMPORTANT: Any authorizations over 10 days old are considered expired and will need to be re-authorized to ensure proper funding.

NOTE: If you capture the authorization as a sale and void the transaction, the authorization will still remain on the card holders bank account.

Processing a voice authorization


Capturing an authorization


Canceling an authorization

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