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Process, capture and cancel an authorization


Process, capture and cancel an authorization (voice or manual)


This article covers the following:

  • How to process an authorization-only by calling the appropriate Voice Authorization Center or from within the online service center.
  • How to capture a voice of authorization from the online service center (Intuit Online Terminal) or from within a supported version of QuickBooks desktop or Point-of-Sale software.
  • How to cancel an authorization.


Authorizations generate a pending transaction on the card holder's account. They generally expire within 1-10 business days but may appear on their account much longer, depending on the card issuing bank's specifications.

IMPORTANT: Any authorizations over 10 days old are considered expired and will need to be re-authorized to ensure proper funding.

NOTE: If you capture the authorization as a sale and void the transaction, the authorization will still remain on the card holders bank account.

Processing a voice authorization

Agent Notes

If you receive the message "Problem: You need a referral authorization code from the bank that issued this credit card to process the transaction," you will need to complete the steps for the voice authorization in order to complete the transaction. NOTE: In the CSR audit trail, you will see "Call/Referral 80022811227711" for the specific transaction.

Voice authorizations will not appear in Oasis.  The merchant must retain the cardholder information in order to capture the funds.

NOTE: Merchant's have 14 days to capture a transaction in the online service center.

Capturing an authorization

Canceling an authorization

Agent Notes

DO NOT provide the card issuing bank phone numbers listed in OASIS. The authorization phone numbers listed there generally allow the merchant to place an authorization but not to remove the authorization. The most straight-forward way to remove the authorization is to have the card holder call the phone number listed on the back of their card.

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