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Adjust the Windows User Account Control (UAC) to resolve permissions issues


Adjust the Windows User Account Control to resolve permissions issues when accessing merchant service applications.

The Windows user account control prevents unauthorized access to files or services within Windows.

You may need to change these settings temporally during installation or certain merchant service functions.

  • Pop-up message keeps appearing asking for application permission(s)
  • System locks up or blank pages appear when QuickBooks or other Intuit application attempts to access the internet
  • Script errors appear when QuickBooks or Intuit websites are used
  • Other firewall or permissions related problems

Detailed instructions

  1. From the lower left-hand corner click on the Windows Start button.
  2. Select the Control Panel. You can also type Control Panel in the search filed (in Windows 8 the search option is on the right hand menu bar).

  3. Click on User Accounts.

  4. Find the Manage User Account Control link and click on it.

  5. Move the User Account Control slider down to the lowest setting (for Win Vista, uncheck the User Account Control checkbox).

  6. Save settings and reset the computer for the changes to take effect.
  7. Once completed continue with the process you were attempting prior to the User Account Control change. 
    NOTE: If necessary, be sure to repeat the steps above and change the parameters back to the original settings once the task is completed..



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