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Clear the Internet Explorer temp files, cookies and browsing history for use with merchant services


Clear the Internet Explorer cache, cookies, temporary files for use with merchant services


When connecting to the internet, the browser will store temporary web page data in certain locations.

This data needs to be cleared at times to prevent slow operation or interference from the stored data.

Intuit merchant products and services are designed for use with Internet Explorer. 

The following information applies to Internet Explorer. If a merchant is using another browser and they are experiencing a problem, they will need to switch to Internet Explorer.

The merchant will need to contact the other browser's manufacturer for support with that product if needed.

NOTE: QuickBooks will always launch the installed version of Internet Explorer regardless of the default browser settings.

If a problem occurs in Internet Explorer and does not occur in other browsers, the browser may need to be reset to factory settings or may need to be repaired.

Detailed instructions

There are five key items that should be cleared from the Internet Explorer cache:

  • Cookies - These are small files that keep track of web activity and send browser info to the website being accessed. These files are always replaced once that site is accessed again.
  • Temporary Files - These files contain web page configuration information as the web pages are accessed. These files are always replaced once that site is accessed again.
  • SSL State - This is certificate information for secure connections made to websites. This data is not replaced unless it is cleared out first so corrupted certificates will remain until cleared.
  • Form Data - Saved information that IE uses to predict entry in web forms. This can inadvertently contaminate data entry.
  • InPrivate Filtering data - (optional to remove) This field contains data that is sent out when accessing certain sites. Clearing this field will prevent improper redirect as well as other issues.


Clearing the Cookies and Temporary Files

1. Go to the Tools drop-down or icon.

2. Click on Internet Options. (or press [CTRL]   [SHIFT]   [DEL] while in the browser.)

3. Under the General tab (default)  go to the Browsing History section and click on the Delete button.

4. Check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and Form Data then click the Delete button to clear those items.

NOTE: If the Temporary Internet files have not been deleted recently, this could take several minutes.

IMPORTANT: Be sure the Preserve Favorites website data is UNCHECKED; otherwise, the problematic data will remain.




 Clearing the SSL State

1. Go to the Tools drop-down or icon.

2. Click on Internet Options.

3. Select the Content tab.

4. Click on the Clear SSL State button.

5. Click OK at the confirmation window to complete.


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